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Easter Eggs & Fun Things To Try After Playing The Game

The following jewels come from various sources:  Thanks to Arthur, Jonathan, Jason, Tullis and Robin for their contributions.  Special thanks to Laird Malamed, Director of Zork Grand Inquisitor, for the Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs

  1. Type MIKESPANTS at any point in the game, then navigate through the easter egg screen
  2. Type EAT ME in front of the skeleton in the Hades Subway Station
  3. Type WHOAMI at the credits screen and you will get a list of people's names who worked on ZGI:  clicking on a name will type out a personalized greeting from that person
  4. Type KILLMENOW at anytime in the game
  5. Type HUISOK at the Hades' phone just before you solve the phone puzzle, then go ahead and solve the damn phone puzzle

Fun Things To Try

  1. examine everything on your Frobozz Magic Viewer so Dalboz can comment on it, including the sword when it's glowing
  2. show everything you can find to Antharia Jack in Port Foozle
  3. repeatedly knock on Antharia Jack's door empty-handed
  4. repeatedly try to take the fishwife's wares without disabling the alarm
  5. hang around in Port Foozle and listen to all the Inquisition announcements
  6. repeatedly talk to all of the people in Port Foozle
  7. repeatedly listen to the Talk to Me Grand Inquisitor doll
  8. repeatedly lower the fishhook into the water unbaited
  9. stay in plain view after setting fire to the doll
  10. read all of the signs at the exterior of Steppinthrax Monastery
  11. go down into the well without a light
  12. enter one of the bottomless pits in GUE Tech's entrance area
  13. cast THROCK on the grass at GUE Tech
  14. try pushing the buttons on the vending machines without putting money in them
  15. cast IGRAM on the "Corridor" instead of the "Infinite" when you see the "Infinite Corridor" sign the first time; then walk through the doorway while the spell is still active
  16. cast IGRAM on the "Infinite" and "Corridor" of the "Infinite Corridor" sign at the same time
  17. look in all the lockers at GUE Tech
  18. cast KENDALL on the How to Win at Double Fanucci book
  19. try to turn on or remove the Permasuck after using it the first time
  20. cast REZROV on the locked doors at GUE Tech
  21. read all of the bulletin board postings at GUE Tech
  22. let the activated Zork Rocks explode in your hands
  23. attack the Six-Armed Invisible Bridge guard with your sword repeatedly
  24. cast REZROV on the S.A.I.B.G.
  25. cast IGRAM on the S.A.I.B.G
  26. repeatedly show miscellaneous items to the S.A.I.B.G.
  27. try to bribe the S.A.I.B.G. with a coin
  28. at the Spell Lab, put the spell paper in the tables in the wrong order, then put it in the spell checker
  29. repeatedly try to approach Harry
  30. try to cut off the snapdragon with the sword before you've sedated it
  31. click on the eggplants
  32. repeatedly look through the window at the Walking Castle
  33. read all of the books in the Dungeon Master's library, and listen to all his phone messages
  34. drink the Dungeon Master's cocoa
  35. read the different versions of the Dungeon Master's journal in his real bedroom and in the mirror room
  36. repeatedly click on the scrambled buttons in the Zork Underground Subway station
  37. lose three times in the Old Scratch game
  38. cast KENDALL on the Hades telephone (or, if you always cast KENDALL on it, don't cast KENDALL and listen to the whole message; it can be solved this way)
  39. give the five-hundred-zorkmid bill to Charon
  40. attack Charon with the sword
  41. repeatedly show miscellaneous items to the two-headed beast
  42. attack the two-headed beast with your sword
  43. punch the wrong card at Hades
  44. cast SNAVIG on Charon, then click on him
  45. cast GOLGATEM on Flood Control Dam #3
  46. repeatedly click buttons at the dam without using the REZROV spell
  47. go on all 3 time tunnel quests with all three totems and note their reactions
  48. in front of an open time tunnel, cast YASTARD on Dalboz's lamp
  49. at the White House, have Lucy Flathead and the Griff repeatedly try to take the Flickering Torch and the Bickering Torch, then repeatedly try to pull off the boards
  50. at Old Port Foozle, have the Griff and Brog repeatedly try to enter Jack's Speakeasy
  51. enter the White House without a light
  52. take the Bickering Torch into the White House
  53. try to cross the chasm without knocking down the stalactites
  54. take the rocks at the White House
  55. repeatedly take grue eggs from the nest
  56. repeatedly boil eggs
  57. throw a raw egg at the stalactites
  58. repeatedly try to solve the chess puzzle
  59. stay in the WatchDragon when it goes underwater
  60. repeatedly click on the inflatable sea captain
  61. tie the rope to a tooth and click on it
  62. at Old Port Foozle, play the Pachinko machine in the back of the casino
  63. repeatedly mind-read Floyd, the bartender, and Jack (before and after you accept his challenge to play)
  64. when Jack challenges you to Grue, Fire, Water, leave
  65. purposely lose to Jack at Grue, Fire, Water
  66. go to each of the different totemizer destinations, with Permaseal on and off
  67. repeatedly turn the switches on the totemizer
  68. look at each of the different exhibits on magic at the Inquisition
  69. take the left or right hammer from the teletype and see what happens
  70. at the guards' tent, listen to their entire conversation
  71. listen to the guard's conversations after you seal the tent shut
  72. in the endgame, listen to all of the Inquisitor's speech
  73. after you reveal the electric fence, click on it while it's still electrified
  74. let the Grand Inquisitor catch you at the end of the game
  75. try opening the letter in Hades with your sword
  76. put the snapdragon on the mushroom, then cast Throck on it (you get a better effect)
  77. when at the subway, don't stand on the edge of the platform before solving the map puzzle
  78. don't pick up the subway token at the bottom of the well: wait until you get to the glass case at the end of the stairs, then take the hammer
  79. cast OBIDIL on the two-headed guardian of Hades
  80. cast GOLGATEM on the pond between you and the walking castle behind Dalboz's house
  81. cast THROCK on the sunflowers and the snapdragon in Dalboz's garden

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