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Easter Eggs & Fun Things To Try
After Playing Zork Adventure Games

The following jewels come from various sources.  Some were included in Infocom's hint books (listed first, copyright Infocom), whereas others were sent to us by our friends:  primarily Arthur, with additional contributions from Jason, Tullis, Jonathan and Robin.  Special thanks to Laird Malamed, Director of Zork Grand Inquisitor, for the Easter Eggs in that game.


Zork I
Zork II
Zork III
Beyond Zork
Zork Zero
Return To Zork
Zork Nemesis
Zork Grand Inquisitor
Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

Zork I

  1. open the grating from beneath while the leaves are still on it
  2. swear
  3. wave the scepter while standing on the rainbow
  4. try something nasty with the bodies in Hades
  5. burn the black book
  6. damage the painting
  7. light the candles with the torch
  8. read the matchbook
  9. try to take the Thief, Troll, Cyclops, and Yourself
  10. try cutting things with the knife or sword
  11. pour water on something burning
  12. eat the garlic
  13. drink the water
  14. sail over Aragain Falls
  15. knock the troll unconscious, disarm him, wait for him to wake up, then return the axe to him and let him kill you


  1. WAIT or SCORE (while dead as a spirit)
  2. HELLO (to Troll, Thief, Cyclops)
  3. ZORK
  4. OIL
  5. XYZZY
  6. WALK AROUND (in forest, outside house, or in house)
  7. PLUGH
  8. FIND (especially with house, hands, teeth, me)
  9. CHOMP
  10. COUNT (candles, leaves, matches)
  11. WIN (or LOSE)
  12. MUMBLE (or SIGH)
  13. LISTEN (especially to the Troll, Thief, or Cyclops)
  14. REPENT
  15. WHAT IS (grue, zorkmid, etc)
  16. YELL (or SCREAM)
  17. SMELL

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Zork II

  1. set off the bomb in the Dusty Room and then wait in the balloon tied to the ledge
  2. pet or kill Cerberus after putting on his collar
  3. remove Cerberus' collar
  4. attack the Princess
  5. take the serpent
  6. diagnose yourself while under certain spells
  7. wait around the Topiary
  8. cast all of the spells on Cerberus
  9. ask the demon to kill Cerberus
  10. wander around the Oddly-Angled Maze while under the FANTASIZE spell's influence
  11. try fighting the dragon while under the protection of the FIREPROOF spell
  12. fly all the way out of the volcano in the balloon
  13. repeatedly look around in the Wizard's Quarters
  14. try to move around while under the influence of the FLOAT spell
  15. read the purple book
  16. try casting a spell without waiting for the wand to recharge several times
  17. set the room-rotating motors to full power, switch the room-rotating motors to the Low Room, then enter the Low Room (may have to try repeatedly)

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Zork III

  1. say hello to the man at the cliff
  2. try to throw anything from the cliff at the man
  3. try being eaten by the roc or swallowed by the fish in the lake
  4. try to eat the algae
  5. try repeatedly to examine the key
  6. say HELLO SAILOR before the Viking boat arrives or after it leaves
  7. try being at the aqueduct view, on the aqueduct, at the great door, or visiting one of the other Zorks when the earthquake takes place
  8. look for the robot tidying the Royal Museum (no doubt closing doors it finds open)
  9. walk into the Grue Convention in the dark rooms
  10. go to the Museum Entrance of Jewel Room in 777
  11. listen to the guards or the dedication through the door
  12. look into the mirror or knock on the dungeon door while invisible
  13. try to walk through the swamp or quicksand
  14. burn the staff, book, tree, Grue Repellant can
  15. try to enter the world numbered IV from the viewing table
  16. repeatedly try to pull the sword out of the stone
  17. throw something into the fiery pit in the Dungeons

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  1. swear
  2. examine all the paintings: cast ZIFMIA on Dimwit Flathead and the Wizard of Frobozz
  3. cast ZIFMIA on Krill, Belboz, or the old woman
  4. cast GUNCHO on the rainbow tortoise, the adventurer, or yourself
  5. cast KULCAD on the banquet, the frogs, or the pencil
  6. cast KULCAD on the knot, then have the adventurer cut it with his sword
  7. cast NITFOL on the hairy shapes after they imprison you
  8. cast CLEESH on the hairy shapes after they imprison you
  9. lead the adventurer or the rainbow tortoise onto the Winding Stair
  10. examine the globe in the Map Room
  11. try to open the Guarded Door repeatedly
  12. cast CLEESH on yourself
  13. cast VAXUM or NITFOL on the dragon
  14. cast VAXUM on Krill
  15. cast NITFOL on yourself
  16. give a treasure to the adventurer after he says, "Hello, sailor?"
  17. read both chapters in the dusty book: cast ZIFMIA on the Implementers and the Unseen Terror
  18. WAIT repeatedly when you're falling down the Bottomless Pit
  19. cast ZIFMIA on yourself
  20. SLEEP repeatedly and learn all the different dreams

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  1. type WAKE UP during your dream
  2. wander around as long as you can during your dream
  3. cast AIMFIZ on the servants, Frobar (repeatedly), Helistar (repeatedly), Duncanthrax, Dimwit Flathead, the Wizard of Frobozz, Krill, and yourself
  4. cast YOMIN on yourself, the gate gnome (awake and asleep), the park gnome, and the barker
  5. cast VEZZA repeatedly
  6. cast MALYON on Duncanthrax's statue or the bunnies in the throwing booth
  7. as a bat, lead the dornbeast through the Glass Maze until you reach a pit
  8. try to fill a vial with water while it still contains potion
  9. open a vial of potion underwater
  10. drink the BLORTLE (amber) potion, then wander around in the dark
  11. drink a potion while still under the influence of another (not counting BERZIO)
  12. drink the indigo potion
  13. try to cross the minefield while flying
  14. cast PULVER on the moat or the flume
  15. cast MALYON on an ordinary object
  16. play the slot machine repeatedly (try to get the jackpot)
  17. take the ball away from the throwing booth
  18. go on the rides in the Amusement Park
  19. try to talk to the parrot
  20. cast MEEF on the morgia plant, then play through the game and read the last line of the winning screen

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  1. swear
  2. try to leave, talk, attack the speaker, or cast a spell during the meeting at the beginning
  3. examine Orkan, Sneffle, Hoobly, Gzornenplatz or Ardis after they become amphibians
  4. type FOLLOW SHADOW after it disappears
  5. try to cast a spell on the guard at the Storied Manse
  6. before you get any cubes, cast difficult spells repeatedly to see the different failure messages
  7. try to cast a spell other than BLORPLE at the Flat Plain (where the talking rocks are)
  8. try to cast spells on or attack the alarm fairy in the Vault
  9. try to cast spells on or attack the guards in the Vault
  10. try to cast spells on or attack the shopkeeper
  11. offer an item other than the coin or jewel (non-magical, magical, or a Cube of Foundation) to the shopkeeper
  12. try to move around while falling in midair
  13. as a grue, try to eat another grue
  14. as a grue, type SLAVER or GURGLE
  15. as yourself, type SLAVER or GURGLE
  16. give an answer that isn't an Enchanter's name to Belboz's question
  17. give the wrong answer to Belboz's question, then later in the game try to use the key he gives you
  18. cast YOMIN on all the different characters in the game
  19. give the bread or fish to the green-eyed rock

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  1. swear repeatedly
  2. read the wanted posters in the Post Office
  3. try to take the candle from the Church in Festeron and in Witchville
  4. at the beginning, try to attack or give orders to Mr. Crisp
  5. examine the theater marquee in Festeron
  6. give the envelope to the gravedigger in the Graveyard
  7. examine the naughty postcards in the Magic Shoppe
  8. try to enter the curtain in the Magic Shoppe
  9. open the can inside the Magic Shoppe
  10. wait around in the Magic Shoppe without taking the can
  11. give a gold coin to the troll
  12. try to attack the stunted humanoids in the Arcade
  13. disobey King Anantinus
  14. wake up the baby grue
  15. say ALEXIS, HEEL to the poodle or hellhound before you read the violet note
  16. put something in the small mailbox, let the two mailboxes meet, then go into the museum
  17. read the leaflet
  18. put something in the wizard's hat
  19. WISH FOR FREEDOM while chained in the Tower when Mr. Crisp is still present
  20. get caught in prison enough times that you get sent to the Tower
  21. rescue the seahorse in Festeron, then get caught in prison 3 times
  22. WISH FOR RAIN while outside in the presence of another character
  23. try to open the violet note
  24. break open the display case in the Museum without turning off the alarm
  25. give Wishbringer to the old woman when she appears
  26. put on the 3D glasses when the old woman appears
  27. try to attack the Evil One

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Beyond Zork

  1. ask the old woman (each one) about almost anything
  2. ask the cook about himself
  3. point the Sayonara wand at the snow wight
  4. insult the cruel puppet
  5. point the Levitation wand at the reliquary
  6. touch people after crossing the bear rug
  7. open the umbrella while flying on the pterodactyl
  8. open the umbrella indoors
  9. eat a truffle in front of the minx
  10. sell a truffle to the old woman
  11. taste the sticky coating in the goblet
  12. open the chest a second time
  13. turn the crank on the hurdy-gurdy (12 possibilities) near the old woman
  14. drink either the potion of Forgetfulness or Death
  15. as a female character, ask Y'Gael at the Magic Shoppe about the potion of Might
  16. refer to Y'Gael by her real name instead of "the old woman"
  17. say HELLO SAILOR around the old sailor, repeatedly
  18. try to pick up the giant onion, with and without the power of the amulet
  19. use all of the wands on yourself
  20. drink the potion of Death in front of Y'Gael
  21. drink a potion without shaking it in front of Y'Gael
  22. attack Y'Gael or use a wand on her
  23. attack a friendly character
  24. swear repeatedly
  25. insult a friendly character, or a monster other than the Cruel Puppet
  26. talk to the bandits
  27. examine and listen to the bandits
  28. don't pick up the coconut when the Implementor asks you to
  29. have your inventory full when the Implementor tries to give you the chalice
  30. say the name of the chalice outside
  31. repeatedly try to go forward on Zeno's Bridge
  32. play all twelve settings of the hurdy-gurdy (all six dial settings, turning the crank left or right), in front of the pterodactyl and Y'Gael
  33. have a monster attack you when the pterodactyl is present
  34. read the scrolls of Mischief or Fireworks
  35. while wearing the Pheehelm, repeatedly look into the scrystone
  36. get killed by a Lucksucker
  37. examine the vague outline
  38. try to kill yourself

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Zork Zero

  1. swear repeatedly
  2. examine the tables at the banquet
  3. examine Dimwit Flathead at the banquet
  4. stay standing when Megaboz casts his spell
  5. go into the Entrance Hall during the banquet
  6. say one of the magic words on the parchment
  7. say HELLO SAILOR and then SAILOR, HELLO
  8. try to attack, give commands to, kiss, and use the wand on the jester
  9. wait for the jester to appear while you're in the barge, with the witches, and with Otto
  10. use the wand on yourself, the bedbug, a chess piece, and Otto
  11. after using the wand on Otto, wait around for him to recover
  12. touch the potion in the carafe twice
  13. drink the potion in the carafe with the straw
  14. look at the jester in the mirror pond
  15. break the walnut in front of the jester, then eat it without showing it to him
  16. try to remove your hand when it's not in the waldo
  17. type TURN AROUND
  18. sing a lullaby when the bedbug's not around
  19. try to play the violin
  20. change yourself into a violin, then type DIAGNOSE
  21. type DIAGNOSE when transformed into something else
  22. wait for the jester to appear while you're transformed
  23. when the jester turns you into an alligator, enter the moat
  24. when you have a candle, drop the cannonball into the murder hole in the Upper Barbican
  25. drop something into the machicolations in the Parapet
  26. try to attack the giant spiders in the Cell
  27. enter all of the torture devices in the Torture Chamber, including the comfy chair
  28. climb to the 400th story of the FrobozzCo building
  29. play Double Fanucci until the jester declares a draw
  30. bring the cloak into the Inquisition; bring the pigeon and perch into the Inquisition with a chess piece waiting outside
  31. get killed in the Inquisition
  32. wait for the jester to appear in the Inquisition
  33. open the wrong door at the 3 doors
  34. listen to all the different plants with the green potion
  35. LET GO when you're hanging from the roots
  36. drop the perch into the next world when you're hanging from the roots, then teleport there with the pigeon
  37. throw the perch over the fence in Antharia, then teleport there with the pigeon
  38. drop the perch out of the gondola, then teleport there with the pigeon
  39. look at all of the magical objects in the mirror pond
  40. jump out of the gondola
  41. play the kazoo
  42. COUGH or SNEEZE outside the Witch's Cave
  43. COUGH or SNEEZE repeatedly in the Witch's Cave
  44. swing the bat 3 times
  45. examine, listen to, touch, smell, taste, and step in the granola
  46. type WAKE PRINCE when you see his statue
  47. hang around inside when the castle begins to collapse

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Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

  1. try to go any direction but northeast at the beginning
  2. try to move, pick up, taste, and eat the boulders
  3. examine the art in the Cultural Center
  4. rearrange the letters on the poster boards at the Hall of Science
  5. enter the maze in the Theatre
  6. examine the chest in the Backstage area
  7. BOW while on the Stage, then try to pick up the roses
  8. try to climb the curtains in the Theatre
  9. examine the costumes, scrims, and scenery Backstage
  10. try to enter the Grue Convention with your light on
  11. try to enter the Grue Convention without a costume
  12. wait around in the Grue Convention
  13. remove a part of your costume while in the Grue Convention
  14. put on one item of the adventurer's clothes while in the Grue Convention
  15. examine the boots
  16. enter the trash chute
  17. attack the salesman
  18. after seeing the mask, try to take it without getting the salesman to approach you
  19. eat the popcorn
  20. eat each of the candy bars
  21. examine the chicken finger, then try to pick it up
  22. examine each of the models in the MUD Forum
  23. wait repeatedly in the Janitor's Closet
  24. wait repeatedly in the Hall of Illusion
  25. examine both of the Implementors' busts
  26. try to attack one of the busts
  27. examine each of the bones in the Museum of Adventure
  28. go east from the Cage, after you've been warned
  29. wait around next to the rat-ants
  30. go aboveground without the bug spray

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