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Has your CD or DVD-ROM Drive's driver been loaded into DOS?
Will my CD ROM Drive be recognized when I restart my computer in MS-DOS Mode?

Try the following test to determine whether your CD ROM Drive is recognized by DOS:

  1. Close all other windows programs you may have opened (like MS Word), so that you don't lose data you may have been working on.

  2. Restart the Computer in MS-DOS Mode (Click on Start, then Shutdown the Computer, then click a dot into the circle in front of Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode, then click on OK.

  3. At the DOS prompt C:\WINDOWS> type cd\ so it looks like this C:\WINDOWS>cd\ and then hit enter.  Now the prompt will be C:\> (it might come up this way when you restart in MS-DOS mode, but I don't think so).

  4. At the prompt C:\> type D: so that it looks like this C:\>D: and hit enter.  D is the letter that represents many CD ROM Drives, but yours may be E, or F, or G, etc.  If you are not sure what letter represents your CD ROM Drive then click HERE.

    • If it goes to a D:\> then it is reading your CD ROM drive from MS-DOS mode and the driver has been loaded in DOS.  Wonderful, since this is what you hoped for.

    • If instead it says something like Invalid Drive Specification then the driver for your CD ROM Drive was not loaded in DOS.  If this is your result, then ask for assistance from your computer manufacturer to get a DOS driver for your CD ROM Drive loaded into DOS.  If they won't help, then try to find a friend or nearby computer shop that both understands the problem and is someone you can trust to help you.

  5. To get out of DOS and back to restarting windows 95 or 98, type exit at the DOS prompt like this C:\>exit or D:\>exit and then hit enter.

Write Mr. Bill if you have any difficulty with the above test.

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