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How To!

We have designed this section to help those who feel 'geek-challenged'.
Here you will find the answers to some of the questions about playing computer games that Mr. Bill has been asked time and time again.

They include some basic questions about adventure gaming, and also some semi-technical questions about using computers.  Questions such as How to Download and make use of Patches and Saved Games, Create New Folders, Rename Folders, and put Downloads (from either email or websites) into the correct folder on your hard drive, etc.

These answers primarily apply to Windows 95 and/or Windows 98 (Operating Systems for the computer), Internet Explorer (for surfing the Internet) and Outlet Express (for email), because these are the programs that Mr. Bill uses.

But please note:  The intent of this section is to make available, as a public service, information that has apparently helped other gamers in the past.  However because all computers and users are different, we cannot guarantee that it will work for you, and we cannot be held responsible for any negative results to your computer and/or software if you decide to try any of the information found on these pages.

Note For Windows XP Users

Many older games may be played under Windows XP, but some of them require very special techniques and additional supporting software to get them to either install and/or run (especially DOS games).  The following two websites will provide an abundance of information to help you with this.

  • Inferno's Adventures  Inferno's website is primarily devoted to helping XP owners know what they must do to play all those older games under Windows XP.  Inferno and others have written a setup walkthrough for each game that guides you step by step through the procedure that will get the game running.  It includes a list of games that will or won't run under XP, and a library of links for finding additional help.

  • Steve's XP Games Corner  Provides very thorough descriptions and guides on how you can get most older games to run under windows XP (maybe Vista) by either making certain adjustments to your XP operating system or by using the following special emulator programs: DOSBox, ScummVM, Virtual PC and VDMSound.


    1. What is an Adventure Game?

    2. How to Play an Adventure Game

    3. How to Play Text Adventures (Interactive Fiction)

    4. Glossary of Some Common Adventure Game Terms

    5. A Brief Trouble Shooting Guide for Games in Windows 95 or 98
      or How do I get this BLANKETY BLANK game to run?

    6. How to determine what letter represents your CD ROM Drive or DVD ROM Drive

    7. How to find out whether your CD ROM Drive's driver has been loaded in DOS  or  Will my CD ROM Drive be recognized when I restart my computer in MS-DOS mode?

    8. How to Download, Store, Move & Unzip Stuff (files) from Email or the Internet (like Saved Games, Patches, Walkthroughs or MP3s)

      Lesson 1: Creating a Place to Store my Download

      Lesson 2: Downloading It to a Storage Folder

      Lesson 3: Moving It to Where you Want to Use It

      Lesson 4: What to do if What I Download is Zipped

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