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How to Play an Adventure Game

  1. Read the manual!  It contains information on how to save and restore your games, access your inventory, plus other things that may be unique to the game that you are playing (for example, which key to hit to bypass videos and conversations that you have seen before).

  2. Pay attention!  Explore everywhere and look at everything.  Talk to everyone and ask questions:  you can pick up clues from what people say about what to do next.

  3. Click on everything and pick up anything that's not nailed down.  You never know where you might pick up a valuable object that you will need later.

  4. Make notes about what people tell you, and sketch a map of the area for yourself (especially if you must find your way through a maze).

  5. When in doubt, try everything (including trying to use every object in your inventory with each other and with the problem).  Something you try might be the solution to the game situation.

  6. Save your game often so that, if you mess up, you can restore to your previous position.  And always save when you're about to try something risky, and after you've completed a puzzle or finally found something important (you don't want to have to repeat that all over again).

    And make sure that you save DIFFERENT GAMES under DIFFERENT NAMES.  This is very important!  Otherwise if you have done something wrong and don't find out until later, you may have to start the game over from the beginning.  For example, in a certain game it is possible to blow up the bank before you get a loan.  You have no money and the bank is gone and there is no other way to get money in the game.  But you don't even find out that you need money to play Poker until later in the game.  If you have a saved game previous to when you blew up the bank, you can restore to that point and get your loan before you destroy it.  But if you don't, you have to start the game over from the beginning!

  7. Finally, if you do get stuck and don't know what to do, ask for help either on our Chat Board or send us an email.  Everyone gets stuck at times and has to ask someone else for help, even us.

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