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How to determine what Letter represents your
CD ROM Drive or DVD ROM Drive

  1. First notice My Computer, which is probably in the upper left-hand corner of the DeskTop screen like in the picture that follows.

  2. Next Double Click on My Computer and a window will pop up as seen in the next picture that follows.  This window shows all the folders that exist within the folder called My Computer.

  3. This Pop Up Window gives us the letters that represent our various Drives on the computer.  Note in the picture that follows that Drive A (A:) with the pointer on it represents the 3.5-inch disk or Floppy Drive.

  4. The next picture has the pointer on Drive E (E:), which is one of the Hard Drives on Mr. Bill's Computer.  Actually Mr. Bill's computer only has one physical Hard Drive, but it has been partitioned by software into 3 virtual Hard Drives (C:), (D:) and (E:).  You might ask where did Drive B (B:) go?  (B:) is reserved for either a 3.5-inch floppy drive or a 5.25-inch Floppy Drive.  Because Mr. Bill's Computer does not have a 5.25-inch Floppy Drive, (A:) was used by the 3.5-inch Floppy Drive, so (B:) then, not being used, was left out.

  5. The next picture shows that Drive F (F:) is the CD ROM Drive that shows a CD over the Drive.  Notice that Mr. Bill has a CD in the CD ROM Drive for an Atlantis Game.  Here you also see a Drive H (H:), which is Mr. Bill's 250 MB ZIP Drive for storing files.  Drive G (G:) is also missing now because the 100 MB ZIP Drive that used to be Drive G went bad and hasn't been replaced.

From this information you should now know which letter represents your CD ROM Drive or DVD ROM Drive, and so on.

You can also get this information by opening Windows Explorer.

  1. First click on Start, as seen in the following picture.

  2. Then on Programs, as seen below.

  3. And then on Windows Explorer, like below.

  4. Notice in the following picture that Windows Explorer is also showing the same drives within the My Computer Folder as we saw when we double clicked on My Computer on the DeskTop.  Notice that I have clicked on My Computer on the left and the contents of the My Computer Folder are shown on the right.

Email Mr. Bill if you have any problems with this, or have other questions.

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