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ANIMANIACS: A Gigantic Adventure

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

This game was a new learning experience for us in several ways. It is not a traditional adventure game (as we were expecting), but is instead more like an arcade game. It is what is referred to as a 'side-scrolling' game, that is the characters move back and forth between the right and left sides of the screen.

And we found that it contained several keyboard actions: jumping, running or walking left or right, hitting, throwing and ducking. As a result we did something that we had been postponing for a long time ..... we bought and learned to use a Joystick, which made the actions a lot easier to do (even though we still aren't very good with it). We believe that a Joystick would be especially helpful for those younger players not too experienced with the keys on the keyboard. And the game can also be played with a Gamepad.

This game should be a lot of fun for Animaniacs fans, who will especially enjoy the silly fun and zany humor. You assume the identity of Yakko, Wakko or Dot to play, alternating between them while you explore the set of the fictional big-budget film 'Gigantic' and travel through the Warner Bros. Studios back lot. You must evade Thaddeus J. Plotz and his henchmen while thwarting their evil plan to destroy old Animaniacs films, movie posters and awards.

The game itself is a series of different levels where you score points by collecting goodies like popcorn or film cans, or by defeating your arch enemies. You can gain special powers by collecting things like hearts and cakes. The idea is to gain access to higher levels with switches and warps.

There are 11 levels, 6 bonus rooms and several hidden rooms, and the levels can be replayed to achieve higher scores. You are rewarded with various victory animations based on how many points you score, and when you find the TV collectibles you see special segments from the Animaniacs television cartoons.

Difficulty can be set for easy, medium or hard. We played the easy level and yet we still couldn't get all of the points, but we're sure that young players familiar with a Joystick would do much, much better. It can be played alone or in 2 different multi-player modes: either in 2 player Local Mode or Internet Mode, where 2 to 4 players compete against each other in a race against the clock on MSN Gaming Zone.

Developed (1999) by EAI Interactive and published by SouthPeak Interactive (no longer exists).

Minimum System Requirements: PC only!

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