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Arthur is an adorable little aardvark and this award winning game is based on the best selling book about him by Marc Brown. It is the second publication in the Living Books animated storybook series (the first was the delightful 'Just Grandma and Me') and it is about the trouble that Arthur encounters in his 3rd grade class.

The 'trouble' is Mr. Ratburn (whom the kids all call 'The Rat'), the most feared teacher in the whole school. Arthur finds out that he's been assigned to Mr. Ratburn's class. And what's worse, Mr. Ratburn gives a spelling test during the very first week of school!

But if he thinks he's in trouble now, just wait until he finds out that he'll have to represent his entire class in a schoolwide Spellathon. He's going to have to study really hard because if he cant spell a certain 11 letter word, he'll really be in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Before the story begins, you have the option for it to be in either English or Spanish, and then both the written and spoken words will be in the language you've selected. You can choose either 'Read To Me', and listen and watch as the story unfolds in front of you, or 'Let Me Play', and explore every page with your mouse. And you can switch back to the other mode at any time.

It's very easy to use and practically everything that the child clicks on will come to life with great animations and sounds, and often very funny results. For example, clicking on Mr. Ratburn causes his outfit to change each time, and some of those sport coats are really wild. And there is an absolutely wonderful paper airplane hidden somewhere on every page, which flies across the room when you find it (the quest for that page). We never did find it on one page, but we had a wonderful time trying!

Arthur and all of the children are endearing little animals dressed in kid clothes and their conversations are filled with kid-style humor. The high quality artwork is bright and colorful, the narration is great, and the music is delightful and can be played independently from the CD.

Spelling words are highlighted as they are read aloud, so your child practices spelling and reading with Arthur as he studies. And you can stop anywhere in the 24 page book and pick up again later on that same page.

It's great for children just learning to read and brings a new dimension to storytelling. But if your house is like ours, you may have to pull the adults away from it so the kids get a change to play!

Produced (1993) by Living Books and published by Broderbund.

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