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Ages 3 to 8

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

It was hard for us to quit playing with this children's Interactive Coloring Book long enough to write this review. We have always loved coloring books, but until we played with this one we couldn't believe that one done on the computer could be as much fun as the hard copy ones. But this one is all that the hard copy ones are, and much more!

There are 20 scenes from Looney Tunes Cartoons to choose from. You then choose whether you want to color only inside the lines or outside the lines (for rebels), and you're ready to paint.

You have many point and click choices of colors, tools and textures (some of which are animated) to use. They include small, large and fill brushes and some truly creative ways to erase: a vacuum, an eraser gun, an Undo button that undoes the last step, and even Dynamite for when you're really frustrated and want to destroy everything!

Add to this some other delightful and unconventional tools like spray cans, paint hoses, and (our personal favorite) a cannon that splatters random colors and patterns over the entire picture for often hysterical results, and you have a coloring book that is not even limited by your own imagination.

You are told (by a child's voice) what each item is when you point at it, and all items are easy to use for even the youngest children. If you like what you create you can choose to save it and/or print it to display on the fridge. Of course you can also choose to print the uncolored cartoon and color it the old fashioned way. And the game even has a 'connect-the-dots' option where you can try your hand at drawing the cartoon yourself before coloring it (with built-in help for younger artists).

We would have liked to see the characters 'come alive' after being colored (and perhaps complain about our choice of colors for them), but that is the only thing that we can think of which might have improved the program. A great choice!

Developed (1998) by EAI Interactive and published by SouthPeak Interactive (no longer exists).

Three additional Crazy Paint programs (listed below) based on other Warner Brothers characters were also available.

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