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How To Save Games in Dark Fall

When you click on the Save Button (upper right of game screen) in order to save a game for the first time, you will get a pop up window like the picture below. Where it says Dark Fall v3 (E:), to the left of the pointer, is my CD-ROM Drive E with the Dark Fall game inserted in it (your CD-ROM Drive may be D). Since you can't save a game on the CD, you need to go to your Hard Drive (like Drive C) in order to save a game. To do that, click on the small black arrow pointing downward, as seen at the pointer.

The next picture shows what happens after you click on the small black arrow. It shows all the Drives on your computer system. Notice that Dark Fall v3 (E:) is highlighted because that is still selected at the top by default.

Click on Drive (C:) as seen in the picture below.

Notice in the picture below that (C:) now appears in the rectangular area at the top of the window, and that it is highlighted. Next click on the small yellow folder on the top right, as shown at the end of the pointer. This will allow you to create a new folder to place your saves into.

In the picture below, we see that a new folder has been created. It is presently named New Folder, and is highlighted inside a rectangular area. Type Dark Fall and then hit the enter key.

It should now be renamed Dark Fall as seen in the picture below.

Now double click on the Dark Fall folder.

Notice now that the name Dark Fall appears at the top of the window as seen in the picture below.

We are now ready to name the saved game that will be placed into the Dark Fall folder on Drive C. In the picture below I have highlighted the part of the name that you can change to whatever you want it to be. The dot and the letters txt must be there, so if you lose them just add a .txt to the end of the name you give the saved game.

I named the save dark fall 1.txt as you can see in the picture below.

Finally, click on Save as seen in the picture below. You should now have a save in the Dark Fall folder on drive C.

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