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DISCWORLD II: Mortality Bytes

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Death on HolidayIn this wonderfully funny sequel to the original, we are treated to another one of the great stories to be found on Terry Pratchett's Discworld.  And to our delight, this one is about our favorite character from the original: 'Death'.  You see Death is missing.  He's decided to "go on holiday" and is sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping those drinks with the cute little umbrellas, because he "likes to travel and meet people"!

Unfortunately this has caused all manner of problems in Ankh-Morpork which, of course, had more than its share of problems to begin with, given the melting pot of species who live there and the general low moral tone of the place.  But now 'undead' people are piling up in the streets faster than the dead collectors can stack them on the wagons, and they've run out of places to store them.

Rincewind (The Wizard) and LuggageSomeone must bring Death back, and fast!  Otherwise the people will be faced with "the horrible prospect of immortality" ..... and God knows, "no one wants that, now do they?"

Of course, the one they choose for this unpleasant task must be someone easily expendable, just in case Death isn't too happy about being disturbed.  And who better than Rincewind, our favorite little sarcastic and cowardly Wizard.  Rincewind, however, isn't too keen for the job, since Death has often offered to go ahead and "reap his soul in passing, just to save time"!

And so begins again another delightful tale where opportunities abound for the tongue-in-cheek humor and social commentary of the Pratchett novels, along with all the sight gags and atrocious puns (turn on your speakers and refresh to hear some of the theme music now).  The game would be well worth its price for the introductory song alone: an inspired and hysterical parody of Frank Sinatra's song 'That's Life', called 'That's Death'!  You can read the words and hear that song on our Just For Laughs page.

But this 2D, 3rd person, point and click adventure also features again the many-legged 'Luggage' as your inventory, challenging puzzles (but not as crazy, this time), lots of new locations and characters, and the wonderful return of Monty Python's Eric Idle as the voice of Rincewind.  We wish all sequels could be this good!

Developed (1996) by Perfect Entertainment and published by Psygnosis.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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