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Want to play Infocom's very first naughty-but-nice adventure? Written by the incorrigible and supremely talented Steve Meretzky, it was published way back in 1986 as a text only adventure, and billed as being "a racy, space age spoof with 'scratch n sniff ' clues, for adults!"

It can be played in 3 different modes, from 'tame' to 'lewd' (you have to type in your age when you select one) but, by today's standards, it's not very lewd at all, just very funny. You can also choose the gender of your character (by which bathroom you choose to use: a subtle and brilliant idea), and the descriptions of your 'activities' later in the game will vary accordingly.

As the game begins, you find yourself in a grimy neon-laden bar, the social hub of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Suddenly you see a flash of brilliant green light, and then some slimy tentacled aliens appear and grab you, and ..... you faint!

You awaken exactly 7.3 hours later, to find yourself wearing a brass loincloth and lying in a large cell with a soft, cushiony floor. When you eventually do get out, you discover to your horror (!) that you have actually been abducted by a race of leather-clad Amazon women from the Martian Moon of Phobos, for a few more 'tests' before they finalize their plans to invade and sexually enslave all of Earth.

You must escape and foil their dastardly plan. You must save humanity from the terrible scourge of the Leather Goddesses, and keep them from turning Earth into their personal Pleasure Palace!

Full of suggestive sexual innuendos (Mae West style) and outrageous humor (try everything: the answers you receive are hysterical), this bawdy but harmless game is a delight to play and sure to bring a smile to your face. But nevertheless it is basically a traditional (and very good!) adventure game, with all of the elements that made Infocom legendary in the business (including a make believe smart-mouthed scoring system that periodically ranks how dumb you are!).

You will travel from Phobos (using a very cool teleportation device) to the Martian desert, the jungles of Venus, and even Cleveland, doing such things along the way as evading a man-eating Venus flytrap, steering a barge down a Martian canal to the ice-capped southern Hemisphere, getting turned into a gorilla, and spending an hour in a Sultan's harem with one of his wives.

You will meet all sorts of characters, including a fellow prisoner (your sidekick), a frog wearing a crown, a mad scientist, door-to-door salesmen and, of course, the bodacious Leather Goddesses. And to succeed, you will have to solve all sorts of fiendishly clever puzzles, varying in difficulty, with some very difficult indeed.

If you have never played a text adventure (interactive fiction), do yourself a favor and at least try this one and ZORK I to see why they developed such a fanatical worldwide fan club. We'll bet that you'll have an absolute ball, and you may even become addicted to them, as so many other people do even today. They may come without instructions on how to play them, but you can use the instructions supplied on our website called HOW TO PLAY TEXT ADVENTURES.

For some fun things to try after you finish playing the game, click HERE.

Produced (1986) by Infocom (out of business).

This game was also available on a CD entitled Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom which contains 33 of Infocom's original classic text adventures, plus 6 additional "contest winning" text adventures.

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