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NANCY DREW: Secrets Can Kill
Mystery 1

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

We love the slogan of this company: "For girls who aren't afraid of a mouse!"  Their games are being produced for teenage girls, and are designed to teach both problem-solving and interactive computer skills while being entertained. But we also believe that many adults will enjoy playing this game.

Based on one of the famous Nancy Drew adolescent mystery novels, this story has been updated to play like a situation in the present time, and we were favorably impressed with the current ethical problems of teenagers which it addressed and the positive values which it promoted.

You play, of course, Nancy, who is investigating a murder that has occurred at the local high school.  To solve it, you must not only gather clues and find hidden messages, you must also converse with a variety of other students who knew the victim, each of whom has something to hide.

A first-person, point-and-click game with animated 2D characters in a detailed 3D environment, the game can be played at 3 levels of difficulty: junior detective, senior detective and master detective.

When you, as Nancy, get stuck you can call on your best friends for helpful hints and additional clues.  The game is both linear and logical.  The only problem that we found while playing it was with the SAVE / LOAD screen, which was very touchy (you had to click on a very precise spot in order to save or load a game).

 1999  Mr. Bill & Lela

Developed (1998) and sold by  Her Interactive.  Published by DreamCatcher Interactive's division known as  The Adventure Company.

Rated:   E   for Everyone

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows

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"Linda's Walkthrough" available here!

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