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PAJAMA SAM 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
Ages 3 to 8

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Pajama Sam With Chocolate Chip Cookies As this game begins, our little hero Pajama Sam is doing something that sounds all too familiar to us ..... and with the same foreseeable results. He's munching his way through his 20th box of chocolate chip cookies (to save the boxtops, of course) when all at once the cookies rebel!

Stomach rumbling in protest, he nevertheless pursues them into the pantry only to find himself suddenly in a world where the sweets and fats have taken over, with disastrous results. It's a world where french fries have created a log jam, wisdom is being chipped away by candy, the stomach is in an uproar because of carbonated drinks, and the muscles have quit working because they're fascinated with cupcakes. Sound familiar?

This world is his own body of course, although that is never actually stated. But in order to solve the problems in this adventure, the pint size hero must travel through the arteries of his heart to places all over his body, from his head to his feet.

He is told that in order to avoid war an emergency Peace Conference has been called at the Food Pyramid, but that some of the delegates are missing (broccoli, for instance). He must find the missing delegates and convince all of the foods to work together, and convince them that they are all necessary and important.

Without ever being preachy or seeming to instruct, this delightful game helps your child understand the functioning of his or her own body and the important role that a balanced diet has in it's health. It is filled with memorable characters and fun things to do, and will provide hours of fun for your youngster. And like all of the Pajama Sam games, it's a game that you can enjoy playing with them.

Like them, this one can be replayed with different paths to solve the problems, and in addition it contains several mini arcade games for even more fun. There is a Parent/Teacher Guide located in the Help file with discussion topics and extension activities. And the box includes a Pajama Sam combination Coloring Book/Comic Book "starring Pajama Man in Milk Molecule Mayhem", and a sheet of 10 great stickers that kids seem to really love.

Developed (2000) and published by Humongous Entertainment.  Now published by Infogrames.

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows   MAC

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