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Sphinx and Great Pyramid Construction Details

The Sphinx is located in the Great Basin of Egypt's Giza plateau, where it has been periodically buried by the wind blown sands and then rediscovered for thousands of years. Over the centuries it has been both worshiped and feared (it is called the 'Father of Terror' in Arabic), and various peoples have done different things to try to either destroy or 'restore' it. So presently it is in a state of disrepair, but we do have some excellent, highly detailed drawings of it made by scientific organizations: the English in the 1700s, and the French in the early 1800s (after its most recent mutilation from being used for cannon target practice by a group of Malumek stragglers). It is a strange creature with the body of a lion at rest, but with human female breasts on its chest, and a majestic human male head that stares expectantly due East toward a point just above the horizon. And its size is colossal: it is almost as long as a football field and as high as a 6-story building, and yet it was carved from a single stone (the bedrock of the plateau).

And the nearby Great Pyramid, the last of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, is perhaps even more unbelievable. Originally, before vandalism and erosion, it stood 481 feet high, with a highly polished limestone casing and golden capstone that reportedly could be seen for miles. It is called a tomb, but no body has ever been found there: only a pit located 100 feet below ground, plus an ascending/descending passageway and 2 relatively small Chambers within the pyramid itself (with an empty sarcophagus in the so called 'King's Chamber'). And yet this one pyramid covers 13 acres, and so has enough interior space (8.5 million cubic feet) to conceivably contain some 3700 King's Chambers. And it is constructed with approximately 2,500,000 perfectly hewn (to within 1/100th of an inch) blocks of granite, each weighing anywhere from 2 to 70 tons, and yet they have all been precisely fitted together with joints that are never more than 1/50th of an inch wide!

In addition, the measurements, perfect angles, and orientation of both structures reveal that their builders had a highly advanced knowledge of mathematics, geology and astronomy (knowledge that we ourselves have only recently discovered).


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