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THOMAS & FRIENDS: The Great Festival Adventure
Ages 2 and up

Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

Thomas the TankThis little game might be the ideal one to introduce a small child to the computer, especially if they like "choo choos". We did so with our grandson (who has a Thomas the Tank train set), and it held his attention through the entire game: notoriously difficult to do with a two year old.

At the beginning of the game, Thomas and the other 2 engines, Percy and Gordon, need to get all spruced up before the Big Festival. You wash them, oil them, tighten bolts and load on coal. Then they are in shape to help get things ready for the festival.

The game introduces the concepts of color matching, shape sorting and counting with seven different activities. With Cranky the Crane you unload packages from Bulstrode the Barge at the harbor and with Annie and Clarabel you pick up passengers at the station. You help Harold the Helicopter clear the tracks of debris, you put together fairground rides, and you even help Terence the Tractor round up some cows. At the end of the game there is a bandstand, and everything that the child clicks on there makes music: not only the instruments but also the cow, the tractor, etc.

There are little videos between activities and automatic saves if you quit. Any activity can be repeated so that you can practice until you get it right, or a new activity can be chosen. And Sir Topham Hatt is always there to tell you what to do next, praise you when you are right or tell you to try again.

There are certificates of completion for each activity which can be viewed in the office or printed. You can also print postcards of all these new friends, either in color or as an outline drawing to color yourself. And you can visit the Thomas & Friends Website for more activities.

Produced (1999) and published by Hasbro Interactive.

Minimum System Requirements: PC Only!

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