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Carecrow longs for a gorgeous new outfitWhen you're having a bad day, if you've ever secretly wanted to throttle a certain adorable little purple dinosaur or any of the other too-cute-for-words denizens of Saturday morning cartoons, then this is the game for you!  A broad satirical spoof of everything some adults have grown to loathe about certain kid shows, it is the funny and empathetic story of one man driven to the brink by them.

That man is Drew Blanc (pun intended), and he indeed has recently been drawing a blank. Played perfectly by Christopher Lloyd, he is the artist-creator of a wildly popular children's cartoon show (The Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show), and he has drawn cutesy-pie little fluffy bunnies until he's sick of them (" I'll puke pink putrescence! "). Now try as he may, he can't dredge up even one more. He longs to be able to draw what he's always wanted to:  an edgy, topical, adult-oriented cartoon starring a paranoid, sarcastic little purple thingy (reminiscent of Max in Sam and Max), that in his daydreams he calls "Flux Wildly".

What's for dinner at B.B. Wolf's place tonight?But his mean and money-hungry boss (Ben Stein) has given him an ultimatum:  shape up and draw more sickeningly sweet bunnies by morning, or else!  Desperate and exhausted after hours of trying to no avail, he falls asleep at his drawing board, only to be startled awake(?) sometime later when a freak electrical storm zaps him smack into the middle of the very cartoon world that he hates... Cutopia!

But wait a minute. There's something different about Cutopia now.  Flux Wildly is here. And some of the other characters are acting very weird, even Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun.  Some are not only no longer cute; they're downright demented!  What's going on here? Who is taking the cuteness out of Cutopia?  And more importantly, how can he get out of this not-so-warm-and-fuzzy world?

What are elephants afraid of? A mouse of course!This outrageous adventure is set in a skewed (in more ways than one!) cartoon world of brilliantly colored beautiful graphics, with first-rate animations and video clips. The game makes fun of practically all aspects of cartoons, and the bizarre characters encountered include everything from a cross-dressing 'Carecrow' to a deranged clown who tortures balloon animals. Our particular favorite was Marge, the sweet little cow who turns into a very funny masochist after being hit by rays from the Malevolator!

The game was made for adults, NOT for children, but the humor is broad and cartoon-style slapstick, and the 'adult-themes' were designed to be (and are) humorous, not offensive. Top-notch Hollywood actors do all of the voice acting. Talk to everyone and try everything for some very funny lines and often unexpected cartoon-type results.

Marge the Cow on the Wheel O LuvThe plot is simple. Drew has to get rid of the evil and put the 'cute' back in Cutopia in order to "get back where he belongs" (but then we knew that, didn't we?).  It is a 3rd person, point & click game where you control the actions of Drew, the only human in this cartoon world, and occasionally his sidekick Flux, as they travel between Cutopia, the Malevolands, and Zanydu ("sort of an offshore sanitarium") where Flux lives.

All of the puzzles are fun and they range in difficulty, with some involving logic and memory as well as inventory.

Please Note:  This game was designed for use on slower machines, so if yours is faster than 166 MHz Pentium, there are a couple of places where you will either need to use a slow down utility, or get a saved game to either complete the puzzle or just get past it.  Email Mr. Bill for the saved games and instructions on how to use them.

Nevertheless, it is well worth that hassle to be able to enjoy such an unusual and fun game!

  1999  Mr. Bill's Adventureland

Wacme Concepts, a very strange shop indeed!
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Developed (1996) by Burst (out of business) and was published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (now defunct in the USA).

Rated:   T   for Teen 13+  (comic mischief, mild animated violence, mature sexual themes)

Minimum System Requirements:  DOS

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