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There are two things that we especially love about computers. They've helped to break down barriers between people of different nationalities. And they've made learning some things that used to be pure drudgery (like geography) actually fun. This multi award winning game for older children does both.

Carmen is a master thief who is out roaming the world with her little V.I.L.E. band of crooks (and her cat, Carmine) stealing everything that isn't nailed down. You play an agent of the Acme Detective agency who's been sent out to catch them. As you solve cases (39 of them), you rise in rank from Rookie to Super Sleuth and then, when you finally catch Carmen herself, your name is entered into 'The Hall of Fame'. And the cases get more difficult to solve as you go along.

You use Fly By Night Travel to fly from place to place around the globe and interview witnesses using a 'Digital Translator'. You can take a tour with a Tour Guide while you're there, and look up things about the country (and unfamiliar words and phrases) in your 'Database'. You will visit 50 countries in their different time zones and see beautiful scrolling painted landscapes with attractions like Big Ben, the Taj Mahal and Mount Kilimanjaro, all populated with hundreds of animated local characters.

Your Database contains a list of facts (like geographical features and monetary unit) and an essay about each country or continent, along with its flag, a map, and a video or photographs ..... and it has a keyword search tool. The Guides provide historical and cultural insights as well as pointing out local attractions. And if you prefer you can opt to just use the 'Explore Mode' without even solving a case: just fly to the country, take a guided tour, and access your Database for additional information as desired.

It teaches knowledge of world geography and cultures, electronic database research skills, map reading and deductive reasoning. This game became so popular that there is a whole series of them out now: Where in the USA, Where in Time, etc. It's a great game and one that is often used in schools today.

Visit the Acme Virtual Detective Agency. You may need to sign up into the Agency and help them track down Carmen Sandiego. 

Produced (1996) by Broderbund.

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