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Reviewed by  Mr. Bill & Lela

A party game with an attitude!  This fast paced adult-oriented game is trivia for the computer age, and it is always an instant hit, both with those playing it and those kibitzing from the rear.

It is set up like a TV game show somewhat similar to 'Jeopardy'.  As it begins, you hear the host and producers talking in the background and counting down the seconds before the show begins. Then the fast talking host turns to you, the guest contestants, and you are asked for your names.  Be sure to give him one or he'll nickname you himself, and it won't be flattering!

Up to 3 players can play at one time, or you can just play alone if you want to be sneaky and practice before competing. You are each assigned a letter key on the keyboard (Q, B or P) that serves as your 'button'.  The idea is that the one who hits the 'button' first gets first crack at answering the question.

If you answer correctly you win a certain amount of money, plus you get to choose the next question category. The one with the most money at the end of the game wins.  But if you're wrong, that same amount of cash will be taken from you and the other players are given the opportunity to answer it.  And what's worse is that although explanations are given for right answers, personalized ridicule is given for wrong ones!

In addition to having a 'button', you also have an on-screen picture of a screw.  If you don't know the answer to a question, but you don't think the other players do either, you can opt to hit the screw and force them to answer the question.  It's called 'Screw Your Neighbor'.

You can either play the regular 21-question game, or have a 7-question elimination tournament to determine who is 'King of Trivia'. The multiple-choice questions are wild, and they come at you fast and furiously with a limited amount of time to answer them. They run the gamut of both classical and modern trivia, but all are couched in pop-culture references that can momentarily throw you for a loop. There are over 800 questions and some of them are absolutely inspired!  For example, "what do Princess Leia and breakfast pastries have in common?" or "what author's name is an anagram of the word 'toilets'?"

The way the questions are presented is even wilder. To a background of original music and special sound effects, you start off with the multiple-choice questions in 3 crazy categories.  But once or twice during a 21-question game, a 'Gibberish' question will also appear... nonsense syllables that are designed to sound like some common cliche.  And the last question is always 'The Jack Attack' (our personal favorite), where you have to associate a word or phrase with other words and phrases that rapidly appear.  That one last question can either make or break your game... because each correct match is worth $2000, but every time you miss you lose $2000!

If right, gain $2000 - If wrong, lose $2000

The smart mouth host periodically makes some very funny remarks before, during, and after the game.  But his remarks do contain some suggestive sexual references and questionable language at times, so you may want to screen the game first to decide if you want your younger children to hear it.

If you pride yourself on being a trivia expert, you find out very quickly that you really don't know jack!  There were several games where the only way we could determine who had won was by which of us had LOST the least.  "You gotta be smart and you gotta be quick!"  It's a lot of fun, and as a result this original game became so popular that they now produce a whole series of them, with many devoted to a single category like Movies, TV or Sports.  They're a new twist on an old favorite pastime... and they're totally addictive!

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Developed (1995) by Jellyvision, Inc. and published by Berkley Systems (no longer exists).  Published by Sierra-On-Line.

Several games are in this series.  They are: Volumes I (original), II, III, Sports, Movies, TV, Xtra Large, Xtra Xtra Large, and Huge (check carefully what is contained in each so that you donít duplicate).

Rated:   T   for Teen 13+  (comic mischief, strong language, suggestive themes)

Minimum System Requirements:  Windows   MAC

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