written by  Wendy Mann

for  Mr. Bill's Adventureland

Created by  Joe Townsend  and  Laminated Goat  ©  2009


I encourage you to only use the walkthrough when you really have exhausted all your own ideas as to how to progress in the game, otherwise it will spoil the fun!!!

For Controls etc, see the read.me file included in the game’s zip file. F5 for main menu (including save, load, quit).

Bottom right of screen for inventory

If the game freezes, you can press 'R' to reset (the game might freeze if you click items in inventory too rapidly one after another : a continuous clicking will sound and the game freezes).

Whenever this walkthrough says “Click / Use on something”, it means: click your cursor on the inventory item in the inventory (a click will sound), then exit inventory and then click your cursor on the something.

Remember to pick up any and all items you find.

Examine everything in the game (even if I do not mention “examine”) and talk to everyone about everything, even if only not to miss a lot of laughs.

You cannot die in this game, but save regularly anyway.

Maps, if necessary, are available at the bottom of this walkthrough



You play the role of Benji, a young man who survives a plane-crash.

Watch cutscene until after the plane crash. Take car battery from outside of plane. Go into fuselage. Examine then take vacuum cleaner and wire. Examine turbine. Exit fuselage. Go left to beach, walk across to right and exit beach, to jungle scene with beehive and bees. Try to get past the bees: no go!

In inventory, combine the vacuum cleaner with the wire, then combine both with the battery. Use the now-powered vacuum with the beehive. Enter jungle to left near beehive. Benji becomes tied to a tree by a strange man. Pick up coconuts (Benji uses his feet). Look at description of coconuts in inventory. Use coconuts with peg in ground near Benji. Examine coconuts. Kick coconuts. A native comes and unties Benji. The rope will go into the inventory.

Go left to entrance of native village. Talk to the guard. Try to enter village. No entry. Go right twice to beehive screen, examine beehive, and try to pick up the beehive. Can not reach. Go right to beach. Watch cutscene: Benji meets Lola. Lola automatically gives Benji a conch (shell), pirates arrive, they hide from the pirates, then Benji is taken to meet Old Ray and Gus at their campsite. Benji must find food for the campsite trio (Lola, Old Ray, Gus).

Talk to each of the trio re all topics. Go upper-left to tents. Pick up boathook and shovel. Examine and try to take the washing on the wash line : “quite wet”. Try to use vacuum on wet washing. No go: “I’d shower it with bees”. Go left to vegetable patch. Examine Coconut Gary the scarecrow. Go left to screen with top of ladder.

Go left again, to hatch in ground at cliff-edge. Examine the tree-stump to the right. Try to use the tree-stump. Try to climb down the hatch – “not a chance”. Examine hatch. Lola appears and says she will take Benji to the “front door”. Duh!!! Lola leads Benji to the right then to the bottom of the ladder, and left to a big safe door in the cliff, and Benji goes into the room. Go out of room then examine entry, to read that it is a ventilation room. Re-enter room. Examine the biohazard symbol on the wall. Examine pipe in ceiling. Examine grate on floor.

Go out of the room, go up/right to base of ladder, climb ladder to top of cliff. Go left to hatch screen.

Go up and see a man take a dead animal from a vending machine. Examine the vending machine : “road kill”. Try to use vending machine : Benji does not have any change. Exit the screen (go right), and then go right to top of ladder. Examine horizontal branch of tree to left of top of ladder : “it must have a use”. Hmmm. Descend ladder. At base of ladder, go down again, to beach/jungle/beehive screen. Use boathook with beehive. It is now in inventory. Examine reeds (on same screen). Walk through reeds to base of ladder. Climb ladder, to top of ladder.

Click beehive from inventory on branch (to left of ladder), to attach beehive to branch. Click vacuum on beehive to release bees back into hive on branch.

Go up, to get to scarecrow / vegetable patch. Then go up to stone head and cave. Enter cave. Pick up skeleton arm. Exit cave. Go left to return to vegetable patch. Try to pick up scarecrow. Use spade with scarecrow. Examine scarecrow in inventory.

Go right to tents. Use vacuum on washing to dry it. Lola comes to pick up washing, then leaves with washing. Examine chain (wash line). Pick up the chain.

Go left twice, then down ladder and down again to beach-path, then left to Old Ray’s tree (where he had Benji tied up). Use scarecrow with the tree, use the chain with the scarecrow. The native guard comes to free the scarecrow-prisoner. Go left twice, to go through the now-unguarded entrance to the village. Lola is inside village, she talks then says “Anyhow, see you later” and she leaves. Examine grey statue.

Does the statue look familiar to you? (Hint: think of a classic old PC game). See end of walkthrough for solution, if you have not thought of it by then.

Examine meat on spit. Try to pick up meat. Examine hut: it is “of some importance”. Speak to guard outside important hut, re all topics: he is guarding the Shaman. He is also hungry. Talk to cook re all topics: “go find your own food”.

Go left to big beach and wooden pier / jetty. Examine fish on the pier. Speak to native fisherman re all topics. Take the fish. Go right to village and give fish to guard outside important hut : he lets Benji into hut. The Shaman talks with Benji. He says that the cook values the gods. Automatically exit the hut. (If Benji is now not visible, click on the screen to make him walk into sight).

Go north to back exit of village. Guard will not let Benji through to path. Go left, back into village. Give vacuum cleaner to cook : “a god”!!! Take meat from spit. Go back into hut, and talk to the Shaman about all topics. Examine Shaman’s cauldron. Exit the hut.

Exit village on right side. Go right three times to get to beach. See Coconut-Gary planted on beach. Examine him. Talk to him. Go back to campsite (go right, go up through the reeds, up the ladder, and go right to campsite).

At campsite, watch cutscene : Benji will automatically give meat / roast to Lola : “Now you are one of us”. Lola takes Benji to a boat. Lola takes Benji via boat to Town, built on struts offshore. A cutscene shows Cune and shadow-person Eho. Cune tells Eho to “include him (Benji) in the research”. Lola tells Benji he may explore the Town, and come back to her when finished, so she can take him back to campsite for dinner. Gerald fishing at the docks says Cune put an embargo on docks so they cannot leave, while Cune investigates “new guy on the island” (Benji).

On the docks, examine Gerald, then talk to Lola re all topics and to Gerald re all topics. Gerald broke his club and needs something to batter fish with. Do not use boat yet. Examine the boat. Go to the right, to the screen with “pub-entrance, pirate-ship and boat-wreck”. Look at yellow paint outside pub. Take yellow paint-can and stiff brush. Talk to the pirate-guard re all topics. He will “be gone when happy hour be approaching”. The pirate mentions that “there is a treasure-map on the boat”.

Enter pub and examine everything, including violinist, Naranja “sea dog”, Blind Gregg the bartender, and the alarm clock on the bar. Try to adjust the clock : no go!! Talk to Naranja : he wants to kill the sea!!! He will buy Benji an ale, if Benji tells him a fisherman’s tale. Talk to Naranja again re all topics : when you click “Make a statement”, he gives Benji a coin for his fishing-tale. Naranja says to tell him “your fishing story anytime for another coin”. When you click “Talk about an acquaintance”, Naranja mentions that he will be in the sequel.

Talk to Blind Gregg : “you have to prove you are an able fisherman if you want a pint of the finest ale”. Talk to Blind Gregg about everything : “If you slip the violinist a quid or two, he will wake up and play you a song”.

Go out the pub and go left to the pier. Talk to Gerald re topic “Ask a question”: the worm in the dead fish is still alive. Give the stiff paintbrush to Gerald. He beats the fish / worm to death, and gives the brush back to Benji. Go right, then go into the pub. Give the stiff paintbrush to Blind Gregg. Benji now has the pint of very strong ale.

Give the coin to the violinist : while Blind Gregg is distracted by the song, adjust the clock (click “adjust the clock” onto the clock). The pirate-guard comes in and falls down drunk. Exit the pub. The way is now open to the pirate boat and the rest of Town.

Board the pirate boat. Examine the crate of fish : smells terrible”. Examine pirate map. Take pirate map. Exit pirate boat.

Go north, further into Town. Examine rope. Pick up rope. Examine explorer. Talk to explorer re all topics. He wants to know what happened to his missing friend, and then he will “share some discoveries” with Benji.

Go into clubhouse. Watch cutscene. Examine potted tree. Try to use tree. Look at wine glass next to man. Examine Cune. Talk to Cune. He needs “every single one of the people”. Use ale with wineglass. Talk to Cune : no go, he is unconscious. Examine Cune: Benji says “Just try to stop me leaving now”. Exit clubhouse.

Go north then left to pier. Benji will talk to Lola and Gerald at the pier, and automatically return to the island’s campsite. Lola says she can take Benji back to town anytime, and that Gus has a spare set of keys to the boat. Talk to Old Ray re all topics: Gus is at the “naughty tree” (tied up for trying to use Old Ray’s gun). Talk to Lola on all topics except “make a statement”. Now talk re topic “Make a statement”, and Lola will take Benji to Town. At the pier at Town, go right, then into the pub. See Coconut Gary in the pub. Examine Gary, talk to Gary. Exit pub, go left to pier. Talk to Lola she will return Benji to the island’s campsite.

Look at description of Pirate’s treasure map in inventory : it refers to a “head symbol”.

Exit upper-left to the tents screen, then left to the vegetable patch, then north to the stone head / cave screen. Click the map on the stone head : “trail leads into the forest …. but I could get lost”. Click paint can in inventory, then click stone head : “I need to make a hole so paint will drip out”.` Use boat hook to make hole in paint tin. Click paint tin on stone head. Benji lands up in a big forest clearing with a big red “X” on the ground. Use spade on big red “X”. The hole Benji digs contains a pass (ticket) for “a tour of Cune Laboratories”. Examine disappointing hole: it is now empty. Exit right, to re-appear at stone head / cave screen. (If at any stage you want to return to the treasure-hole, click on the yellow paint trail).

Go left, left, down ladder, down again, go left to reach the “naughty tree” : Gus is tied up. Talk to Gus. (You can not untie him). Walk right twice to beach, and get captured by pirates, who have already captured Lola. Benji ends up on the pirate ship, under guard. Examine cat sitting outside window. Use fishy-smelling paintbrush on cat to lure cat inside. Pick cat up. Open inventory, click cat, and put it on the shelf.

When guard goes to cat, go left onto deck. Ooops!!! The pirates are there. Watch the cutscene: Cune says Eho must watch Benji. The pirates make Lola then Benji walk the plank.

Benji lands up on a very small desert island. The scared guy from the airplane is there. Talk to him. His name is Axel. Examine the tree. Push the tree. Talk to Axel. Benji and Axel push the tree down, into the sea. Examine the tree. Ride on tree.

Benji washes up on the shore of a beach “resort”. A woman called Natalie tells Benji that he is on Cune beach, part of Cune’s employees resort. Talk to Natalie. Examine the sandwich board near Natalie. Try to take it. She will not allow Benji to do so. Try to rummage through trash can. Go right to rock pool. Talk to boy. Boy says that if Benji can give him the crab, he will give Benji his stick. Examine bucket. Take bucket.

Go left twice, to Ron’s Ranch souvenir shack. Examine crappy souvenirs. Examine Ron. Talk to Ron.

Go left to entrance of bar. Examine dog. Pick up dog. The dog will not let Benji in. Go right then climb stairs. Benji arrives outside Cune Labs Inc : watch Shaman hurrying past towards the left. Go left. Examine bridge. The bridge to the path is broken. Go right to the front door of Cune Labs. Enter the building.

Examine and talk to receptionist. She rebuffs Benji. Look at storage cupboard, and try to enter it: it is locked. Examine and try to pick up key at end of counter: the receptionist will not allow Benji to do so: “staff only”. Give pass from inventory to receptionist. She gives Benji a 100-pound note. Exit the lab building. Go right to descend to Ron’s Ranch. Give Ron the conch shell. Ron gives Benji a fishing-net.

Go right twice to boy at rock pool. Use net on crab. Give crab to boy. Benji now has a stick in inventory. Go left 3 times. Give stick to dog. Hooray, now Benji can go in to bar. At bar, Lola talks to Benji. She says the Shaman sometimes sunbathes on the beach. Examine Lola. Talk to Lola. Look at menu on one of the posts in the bar.

Go right three times, see Shaman lounging on a deck chair on beach. Benji will talk to Shaman (long session re Cune). Shaman says he will tell the guard at the back of his village to let Benji through in future. Shaman says Cune built the island to carry out research. Leave the screen to the right and examine boy holding crab: he is mesmerized.

Go left, and see that the Shaman is gone. Natalie is still there. Use green bucket with the sea. Use bucket on Natalie. She jumps up and complains that her deckchair is now wet. Examine her deckchair – the catch is weak. Use boathook on Natalie’s deckchair – it collapses. Natalie walks off-screen to fetch another deckchair. Pick up the white sandwich board.

Go left to Ron’s Ranch, up to Cune Labs building, and left to broken bridge. Use sandwich board on bridge. Examine bridge. Use bridge. Examine path. Exit up volcano path to rim of volcano. Examine volcano: “green liquid at bottom”. Jump into volcano : “Hahaha, no!!!”. (Note: you cannot do anything with the green liquid here).

Go left, Benji comes to back-entrance to village. Go into village, and go into Shaman’s hut. Talk to Shaman. He wants to find a way to help his villagers. Exit Shaman’s hut.

Go to the right, out of village. Go right to the tree, and see Lola is now tied to the “naughty-tree”. Talk to her. Go right, then up through the reeds. Climb the ladder, and go right, to the campfire. Talk to Old Ray. Talk to Gus, but do not use the topic “make a statement” unless you want to go to the strut town.

Go back to the village (left, down ladder, down again, left to “naughty-tree’, left to village entrance, left into village. Enter Shaman’s hut. Give Shaman the 100-pound note. He gives Benji an introduction-letter “to present to Cune’s receptionist whenever you want to see Cune”. Go back to Cune’s Lab building (exit Shaman’s hut, up, right up volcano path, right, right).

Go inside the Cune building. Give introduction-letter to receptionist. Benji automatically goes through to Cune’s office. Watch cutscene. Cune is studying stereotypes. After the cutscene, Benji automatically leaves Cune’s office. Leave the Cune Labs building. Watch another cutscene: Cune tells scientist-guy to bring Lola to him, he is going to set up a “damsel in distress” stereotype for Benji.

Go right (down) to Ron’s Ranch then right again to the beach, and see Coconut Gary on one of the deckchairs on the beach. Examine him. Talk to him. Go back to Cune Labs building (left, up).

Go back into Cune labs, and give letter to receptionist again. She goes in to see if Cune will admit Benji. Quickly, while she is away, take key at end of counter. Receptionist comes back immediately, before you can try to go into storage room.

Exit building. Go left then up and go across rim of volcano, go down to back of village. Enter through gateway : go left and go into Shaman’s hut ; it is empty. Exit hut.

Go all the way to the campsite (right 3 times to reeds, up through reeds, up ladder, go right). Old Ray and Gus tell Benji that Lola has been kidnapped “to laboratory for crazy experiment”. Benji says he will have to find a back entrance to the lab, because the receptionist will not let him in any more.

Talk to Gus and “make a statement” to get the keys to Lola’s boat: Benji and Lola’s boat will automatically appear at the pier in Town. (If you click on Lola’s boat : “use boat”, Benji automatically appears back at campsite with Gus, but do not do this yet).

Go right to outside pub, then up to explorer. Give him the skeleton arm: it is the explorer’s missing friend. Explorer gives Benji a diagram of “the way to the secrets of the cave”.

Go up to the outside of the pub and then left to the boat. Click on boat (“use boat”) to get back to Gus at campsite. Exit upper-left, go left to vegetable patch, then up to the stone head and cave. Go into cave. Look at diagram in inventory. Exit inventory. Look at cave wall for similar pattern. (It is about 1/3 across screen and ½ way up screen (to right of dark column in cave)). Use switch : the gap is too narrow. Use boathook with switch. A panel opens up. Examine secret room. Enter secret room. Examine and talk to corpse. Examine then take explosives and matches. Exit secret room. Exit cave (left).

Go left twice to top of ladder. Go down ladder. Go left and then enter ventilation room. Save game, in case a program-bug strikes in this room!!! In inventory, use rope with explosives. Use this with the grate in the floor. Use matches with explosives. Benji is blown out of the room!!!

Go back into ventilation room. Attempt to climb down the opened grate: no go. Exit room and go up, to reach base of ladder. Climb ladder and go left to tree stump / hatch screen. Use “another rope” from inventory on tree stump: the rope now descends through the hatch. Try to climb down hatch: no go. Go right then down ladder and left, and enter the ventilation room. Try to slide down rope : it is too short.

Exit room, go up, to base of ladder, do not climb ladder. Go down to beach-path and go left to “naughty tree”. Talk to Old Ray who is tied to the tree. (Note : Benji cannot get his rope).

Go back to outside of Cune Labs building (left, left, up through village, right, right, right). Examine the front of Cune Labs building carefully. There is a cable running down the right side of the entrance : Examine cable. Pick up cable: cannot take it because the power is on.

Go into Cune Labs building. Use key on storage cupboard. Enter storage cupboard Receptionist does not stop Benji!!! Look at items on shelves. Examine box on floor. (You cannot take them). Examine switch on left wall. Flip switch. Exit storage cupboard. Go outside building, and pick up cable from right side of entrance. Look at it in inventory.

Go all the way back to the ventilation room (left , up, left twice, right twice to Old Ray at “naughty tree”, right, up through reeds, left at base of ladder, and left into ventilation room). Attach cable to rope (click on cable in inventory, then click it on dangling rope). Slide down rope. It snapped ; no way back up!!!.

Go right: there is a green pool and apparently no way across. Examine ladder (from across pool. Attach cable to boathook to form a grappling hook. Use grappling hook with rock at center-top of screen. Benji swings across like Tarzan!!! Benji is now at ladder and automatically climbs up.

Examine ladder going up through ceiling: “it leads to a higher level of Cune’s research facility”. Go left to a row of prison cells. Click on left-most door: Lola is with a “not-real dragon”. Click on next jail cell: examine prisoner: “it is a Frenchman stereotype”. Return to corridor. Click on next cell: Examine tourist in cell. Talk to tourist. He will let Benji borrow his camera if Benji can find him something to eat. Return to corridor. Click on right-most cell. Examine redneck stereotype in cell. Try to talk to him: no go. Exit to corridor then exit to right.

Climb up ladder, and watch cutscene. Dr Eho (mad scientist) straps Benji to an examination-couch. He wants to inject Benji with “stereotype” drug. Cune comes in and he and Dr Eho talk. When Dr Eho and Cune get to a stage where they talk silently to each other (no texts on screen), save your game. Examine Dr Eho and Cune. Try to talk to Eho and Cune: they will remain distracted. Examine purple antidote next to couch. Use Fisherman’s special Ale on purple antidote. Cune leaves the room. Dr Eho drinks the antidote and forgets everything. Benji is now in next room, which is the laboratory room. Note what Benji says : he specifies 3 tasks he has to do.

Examine assistant. Talk to assistant, who is using a computer. Take key 4 from wall. Examine computer. Try to use computer: “can’t use computer”. Look at purple antidote on workbench. Take antidote. Examine green tanks. Examine console, on right of laboratory room. “I bet it contains backup of drug formula”. Use console. No go, “it needs retinal scan of Dr Eho”.

Go right, into corridor. Examine and pick up peanuts from green bowl. Examine lift: “it leads to lab reception”. Try to “Ride lift” : “Not until I have destroyed Cune’s drug, deleted the formula, and rescued Lola”.

Go left into laboratory, then down ladder and left into cells. Go to cell second from right. Enter door. Give peanut to tourist, and Benji obtains camera. Examine camera in inventory. Return to corridor. Go right, then up ladder.

Go left into testing room. Dr Eho is strapped to couch. Try to talk to Dr Eho. Examine scalpel on table next to Dr Eho. Pick up scalpel. Examine mirror. Examine whiteboard. Use camera on Dr Eho (“Give to Dr Eho”), to obtain photo of his eye.

Exit right, to laboratory. Use photo of eye, on console on right of room. Benji deletes the drug formula. Talk to lab assistant re all topics. Try to use his computer. Give introduction note to lab assistant. Benji drains the green drug “deeper into the earth’s crust”.

Go down ladder then left to Lola’s cell. Use “another key” on Lola’s cell-door. Enter Lola’s cell. Try to give antidote to Lola: no go: “you must slay the dragon”. Use scalpel with fake dragon to ‘slay” him. Give antidote to Lola. Benji says “I have to sort Cune out”. Talk to Lola. Lola says “you have to go and save the world”.

Exit jail cell, go right to ladder, up to laboratory, and watch a confrontation with Cune. He runs away, Benji must catch him. Go right to corridor and lift. Ride lift. Benji ends up at reception.

Enjoy the final cutscenes, the Epilogue and the credits

Note: Grey statue in native village reminds one of “Day of the Tentacle” by Lucas Arts. (Thanks for this point, Joe!!!).


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