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Syberia 3 Walkthrough
Part 3 - Baranour To Finale

by Mr. Bill

Game Authored and Directed by Artist Benoit Sokal, Produced by Microids and Koalabs Studio,
Published by Anuman Interactive


Introduction Part 3 - This is Baranour, not Nahodotsk!

Find Radiation Goggles.

Let's get familiar with Baranour Park.

Time for Kate to leave the ship and explore!

Get the Power on in Baranour Park

Let's find that tractor and some automaton restoration tools.

Kate Walker! We are not in Nahodotsk. This is Baranour!

Initially it was Cptain Obo's idea to go to Nahodotsk first and then to Baranour, but after the captain sacrificed himself to save the Krystal and all of its passengers, the spirits apparently decided to send the Krystal directly to Baranour. Whether that rouge wave was their idea or not, the Krystal was washed ashore at Baranour Park, much of which has a dangerous level of radiation still around as a result of the extreme power plant explosion some 20 years ago. Kate finds a device on the bow of the Krystal that supposedly dispenses pairs of Radiation Goggles when needed, like now. This will be one of the easiest puzzles here in Baranour because it can be resolved right away here on the Krystal. From here on out Kate runs into one problem after another that needs something else done before she can do this or that. Trying to explain this area is not going to be easy. I hope I am wrong about that. First of all before we do the Radiation Goggles puzzle we learn from Kurk that the Krystal needs to be moved further inland so that we can get the ostriches out of the hold which is presently hanging out over the lake. Trying to get them to jump into the water and swim ashore with the yurts on there backs would probably be a quick way to feed the monster. How are we going to pull the Krystal further inland so that the hold is over the beach? Obviously the migration cannot continue without them.

Find Radiation Goggles.

After talking at length with Kurk and Ayawaska, Kate has become aware of two problems thus far. One, they ended up at Baranour instead of Nahodotsk because of the rogue wave and two, when the rogue wave washed the Krystal ashore, it was not washed far enough in shore. Immediately they are all in danger of the severe radiation in various parts of Baranour and that they can't unload the giant ostriches from the hold in the stern because it is suspended out over the water. Ayawaska believes the spirits took them directly to Baranour so that they could use the migration route that they have always traveled. OK, let's find some way to detect the presece of radiation before we just walk out into it. The screenshot on the left shows a single hotspot (yellow arrow) on a very rusty round thing. Click on it and we will see what Kate sees from her perspective (look at the screenshot on the right). If you click on the middle hotspot Kate will say "Radiation Goggles". Now we know what she needs. If you click on the top hotspot she says "The level of ambient radiation is indicated here... but I need to know that the entire zone is safe". Note in the screenshot that the indicater needle is in the green (safe) zone. This means she needs something that will help her and the Youkols avoid areas with high levels of radiation while they look for their migration route. She can't disconnect and carry this device around with her. Hopefully these radiation goggles will do the job. Ok click now on the lower hotspot of this device. It takes you to a closeup view of a small compartment that hopefully contains some goggles. See the second screenshot on the left. Left click on the hotspot (white arrow) and while holding down the mouse button move the mouse towards yourself (downwards - yellow arrow) and the compartment opens. Two hotspots now show up as seen in the second screenshot on the right (white arrows). Click on the top one and Kate says "Empty". Well we have more looking to do. Close the compartment and click on back. Notice that you can move around this thing like the bed that Kurk was in at the clinic. Move your mouse cursor to the left or right side of the screen in order to change your viewpoint. You need to see the left side as seen in the third screenshot on the left. There is only one hotspot at the base of what looks like a long handle above it. When you left click on it. You will get a close up view of the left side (third screenshot on the right) showing a hotspot at the top and one at the bottom of the handle. If you left click on the top one, hold the mouse button down and move the mouse to the right, the handle will only move part way to the right (yellow arrow) and nothing happens except Kate says "Blocked". Well, let's see what the lower hotspot does. If you left click on it, the inventory opens and we don't have anything in it that will work. Ok, what do we need now? If Kate looks very closely at this lower hotspot can she guess what she needs? Look at the 4th very small screenshot on the left (magnified 3 times). If you ignore the hotspot itself, don't you see a key slot? I do! What key might work? This device is part of the Krystal is'nt it? Yes, the ignition key (hope the captain didn't have it in his pocket). Now you need to go to the bridge of the ship and get the key and return to here with it. Ok, Kate has the key so let's get the goggles. Place the key into the workable area of the inventory and when you see the word USE with a picture of the key like in the 4th screenshot on the right, left click,hold button down and turn the key one quarted turn to the right. Now left click on the top of the handle, hold button down and move handle to the right until it stops (about 90 degrees to the right). Go back to the front of this device, left click on the hotspot at the bottom, hold button down and open the compartment as before. Take the Radiation Goggles. Now Kate can leave the Krystal and hopefully avoid the radiation.

Let's get familiar with Baranour Park.

This is Baranour Park designed by Hans Voralberg.

Let us familiarize you with areas of Baranour Park. I was overwhelmed with it at first, like it went on forever. This was one of the views seen from the Krystal. Ok the first two yellow arrows on the left are in reference to a lookout or LifeGuard Station. The first arrow is where you locate an important item to help Kate with the power situation. The second arrow from the left is the ladder you climb to get up on the first level of this building. The third yellow arrow with the 1 is where Kate enters the Park. It is two large sliding doors with a gap between them. The fourth yellow arrow is a park bench with an automaton on it. The red arrow pointing down is where the boardwalk is missing all its planks. You can't go to the right past this area of the boardwalk which of course we will need to do soon. How? Well, I'm glad you asked. You need to enter the park at door number 1 and enter a building on the right from the back and exit that building in the front using the door number 2 (fifth yellow arrow). The white arrow on the far right is roughly where you enter the ferriswheel area.

Time for Kate to leave the ship and explore!

Kate will use the normal exit from the Krystal and the Youkols have constructed a ramp down to a wooden pier. Kate stops momentarily to notice electrical outlets on the outside of the Krystal and probably wonders if enough power could be available from them? Hope So! If you haven't left clicked on them, then do so. Then Kate walks over and talks with the youkol on the pier just outside the ship and near a power pole. She looks at the power lines hanging on it. When you click on the end of the power line hotspot, she says "No Power" and when you click on the top of the pole hotspot you bring up the inventory meaning Kate needs to find something that will probably allow her to lower the power line from the pole while standing on the pier or climb up to it to throw it off. OK! How do we get off this pier or cross the broken section of this pier in order to get to the other side? First Kate sees a tractor on the other side of the gap and thinks that maybe it can be used to pull the Krystal forward enough to get the snow ostriches out of the hold (click on its hotspot and then again to get a video). Kate also spots a very steep sloped broken section of the pier reaching from the ground all the way up to the top of the pier on her side. She is certainly braver than I am. She, somehow, makes it to the ground below the pier so that she can continue exploring. Let's first check out the beach area in front of the Park. We'll start with the building to the left of the stairs. `This building makes me think of a lookout for danger. Very nice for a lifeguard station. It is built up on pilings like a pier and has a ladder to climb up to the nicely enclosed first level. On the decking area in the front we find a teloscoping hook. This looks like it would reach those power lines up on the pole. Let's first check out that automaton on the bench to the right of the stairs. Click on it, Looks like Oscar - memories. We need some tools to work on this automaton.

Let's get the power on in Baranour Park.

Let's go back to the Krystal by way of the beach and that steep ramp. Left click on the hotspot at the top of the pole and use the telescopic hook on it. Talk with Bouruth and now he tells you to light it up or something like that which to me says go turn on the power. Remember, that switch is on the wall past the Ice breaker. Ok, the power is now on. Let's go see what is happening. Ouch, Bouruth got shocked big time, but he says he'll be ok. Time to go and find that tractor and, oh yes, tools to work on that automoton.

Let's find that tractor and some automaton restoration tools.

It is time to go and enter the park and see if we can find a way to reach that tractor. It is close to the Krystal, but not easy to reach. Enter through the gap between the two parts of the door at the top of the stairs. Remember door number 1. Then have Kate go in along the left side until you see a door behind the building on your left (see screenshot on the left). The two yellow arrows show directions to go and the white arrow is the door to go through (see hotspot at point of white arrow).The screenshot on the right is what you see on the other side of the door we just entered. We are now in what I refer to as a workshop. The yellow arrow indicates where Kate goes next after she investigates what is in here. The three white arrows point to hotspots. There is a fourth hotspot on the door. The white arror closest to Kate is pointing to a Voralberg Toolbox. If you left click on it you will get a closeup of the toolbox with two hotspots. The upper hotspot brings on a comment from Kate and the lower one opens the inventory. We don' have what we need yet. The white arrow up on the wall is pointing to a poster with clues on it for probably a location that Kate needs to find and the white arrow on the left is pointing to a box of things, one of which we need to take.

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